Alex is great to work with. He responds in a timely manner to my questions. He checks in regularly if he hasn’t heard from me and is very professional. I feel very comfortable with him and highly recommend his services. - Leann T.

I’ve been working with Coach Alex for about a year online training, I live in Lass Vegas. Coach Alex does a great job with setting up the workouts and nutrition plan to my goals, of which, they have changed 3 times 😁. He is very easy to work with and understands how to communicate with me effectively to accomplish my goals. Coach Alex also does a greatest job checking on me if I don’t check in weekly. He does great at message replying and it’s great to have a FaceTime call with him at times too. The Facebook group he created for clients is great for tips, nutrition information and other cool stuff he shares. I'd highly recommend him for training either online or in person (which i lived closer to be able to physically train with him!) Thanks for all you do Coach Alex! - Juan V.

Exemplary! In every regard. Alex ensures that every aspect of my training is geared specifically to my goals. His wealth of experience, knowledge and personality make every session something I look forward to. As a trainer who has worked with many professional and competitive athletes, I chose AW Fitness without hesitation. I am delighted to have Alex, AW Fitness guiding me towards my personal goals! - David M.

Been working with Alex now for a couple of months and the results speak for themselves. Big but here, you have to do the work and be consistent with the program. Results will show in time. Rome wasn’t built in a day neither will your results. Alex help through the process and with his guidance, you will see results. - Francisco G.

Alex has been my personal trainer for the past 3 years (and counting) and working with him has been one of the best decision I’ve ever made! He has not only provided me with the fitness and nutritional guidance that resulted in my losing 50 pounds of body weight and gaining a significant amount of lean muscle, but has also taught me how to look at life differently - be grateful, put in the extra effort, show up and believe in myself. He has an incredible work ethic, fitness knowledge and experience helping others based on my experience working with him, but also with his documented successes, his social media following and also with his achievement in becoming an IFBB professional athlete. Once you’ve had the opportunity to work with him yourself, you’ll see how his success/attitude for life begins to rub off on you too. I’d highly recommend working with Alex! - Jamie L.

I've been working with Alex for almost a year. Alex understands your goals if it's from competing to just losing weight and getting toned. He’s very flexible but at the end of the day you need to keep yourself accountable and to stay focused on where you want to go with your goals. The app that you will use is super easy and straight forward from your meals and workouts. - Jerrad P.

"I trained with Alex for about a year and he has been the best trainer I've ever had. He was very good at tailoring my workouts for me to accomplish my specific goals. In the time he was training me, I don't think I ever did the same workout twice so the workouts were always creative and never boring. He really set me up for success because every workout was something I was able to follow and that I can do on my own now and just continue the process he helped start for me. I hit a point in my workouts where I needed a change and Alex helped me do that. After continuing to work with him I started to notice body fat decreasing and started to feel much stronger and more lean. I still continue to workout in the same way he trained me and have built some good workout habits with his help.

I am so grateful to have worked with him and found new motivation in my workouts and enjoy them. If you stick with him, you will see results you are looking for. He is very knowledgeable in knowing exactly what to do to burn body fat and build muscle. I struggled at the beginning to really notice a difference but he was very patient in sticking with it and creating workouts to get the results I needed. Thanks Alex!" - Wendy

"I met Alex Woodson about 10 months ago.  It was the first time I had ever done Personal Training with anyone, and I knew the first day that we worked together that Alex was someone with a true care for my wellbeing.
Being overweight almost all my life, I have done everything, tried everything, and eventually failed everything.  I have lost and regained hundreds of pounds over the decades of my life.  Deep down underneath the weight I also carried a heavy burden of self-hatred and shame.
Alex treated me with such respect, such belief in me, and gave me consistent encouragement each time I saw him. I could feel that something began to shift in my attitude about who I really am, and about my body.  My body resisted letting go of the protection it had created, and that was very discouraging at first.  But I am someone who has survived much harder things than working out!  So I stuck with it with all my heart for several months.
Then my mother got very ill and I had to move out of the area to move in with her and care for her.  She was on Hospice and I was her 24- hour caregiver.  I was with her until she passed away 4 months later.
After her funeral and burial, suddenly my days were wide open again.  I had the freedom to put my efforts into my own well being.  Although my physical body was still in need of losing weight, something had changed since those first few months of working with Alex.
His belief in me, his respect of me, had been so real that I found I no longer had that self-hatred or shame about my body.  Now I am working out with joy and self- respect, and caring for my well being.
That kind of Personal Training gives the gift that keeps on giving to the client.  Alex had dubbed me “Champ” when I was working with him, and as I re-entered the gym after that time away, I heard my heart saying “Way to go, Champ!”  And I know that now I have the most important tool of all in my choices and decisions for wellbeing. Self-Respect.

Thank you, Alex, for planting that seed with your professional and exceptional care and training. You are the best!" -Veronica

"My husband & I have been training with Alex for the past couple of years.  Alex is exceptionally knowledgable in his field. He has a great way of tailoring programs to our individual needs, wants & abilities. His workouts are fun, varied and always with that little extra push allowing us to obtain and exceed our goals.

He has a great positive spirit with that awesome can do attitude. We would highly recommend Alex to anyone however big or small your goals may be. Awesome guy & trainer." - Coral & Craig

"I worked with Alex for a little over a year and the results were more than I could have imagined. I explained to Alex in the beginning that I had a fear of the weight room, and that I'd like to gain more knowledge and build the confidence to strength train. My main goal was to build muscle and become stronger. Alex listened carefully and got straight to work, tailoring my training sessions to help me meet my individual goals.  

The most important thing I learned from Alex was to keep pushing myself. He always believed that I could go above and beyond, and that helped me believe I could too. Alex's personality is incredible. He's not intimidating, he's kind, patient and very supportive. I would recommend Alex to anyone and everyone, for whatever your training goals might be! You will always be pushed, you WILL see results, and you'll be amazed at what you can do!" - Brittany 

From mother and daughter clients Denise & Alexa:

"We have had other trainers in the past and NO ONE has measured up to your professional training standards and creativity... Each session has variety, challenge and results.  We are a mother and daughter team and thrilled to get to train with the 'Master'.  We are lifers!!!" - Denise

"The man with the plan to transform your body! I have tried practically all of my life to get in shape & I haven't come close to the results that I've received with The Master Alex Woodson!

He is as kind as he is beastly! He inspires me to push my limits & focus on form for optimum results! Guaranteed to put you in Beast Mode quick. Hard work never felt so good. Big Thank Yous Alex!" - Alexa

"I had two other trainers before starting to work with Alex a few months ago. They were good, but Alex is better in my opinion. He is interested in his clients' progress rather than just getting through every session. After working with trainers for about 3 years I didn't think that there were going to be many new exercises and routines that I would be exposed to, but Alex proved me wrong very quickly. In addition to his professionalism, he is also very affable and easy to get along with." - Alex

"I have been working with Alex since September of 2013. I consider his training to be one of the most important factors in my personal transformation and weight loss. Training with Alex has made me stronger and healthier than I would have thought possible in the beginning. I walk out of every session having been challenged to do my best and motivated to continue to improve, even when I didn't think I could walking in. In addition to being a great trainer, Alex is one of the kindest and most patient human beings I know. He is very supportive of any goals you set and will motivate you to achieve them. I highly recommend Alex to anyone of any experience level with goals big or small." - Margaret