I had the honor of giving out awards to the Men's Physique winners at the 2015 NPC Gopher State Classic, of which I had won the overall title the year before. It was also great to be acknowledged for earning my IFBB pro card that night. It was a special feeling to be able to hand out awards to some that I had the pleasure of coaching on their posing leading up to their show. Congrats Guys!

Here are some of the great guys I've had the pleasure of coaching on their posing for their shows in the 2015 season. Some got pro cards, some came away as the overall winners of their show, some 1st in their class, some placed 2nd through 5th, and some didn't place. For me it's not about if they won or not. Yes we all want to win, but not everyone can, especially in a subjectively judged sport. What's great for me as their coach is to see their progression from when we first meet and start working on poses and transitions, to them putting the time into practicing, and finally getting to see them under the lights, showing a much more polished presentation of their physique they all worked so hard for leading up to their show. Proud of all of them, and I thank them for letting me be a part of their journey to the stage. I hope to work with them again, and many more like them in the future. (Pictures by LiquidSpectrum.com & Strength Media-Dan Mueller).

If you would like to contact me for coaching you on your posing for an upcoming show, please use the form on this page to get in touch with me to set up some sessions. My rate is $30 a session. Each session is about 30min. We can either meet in person at one of my gym locations or if you don't live in the Minneapolis area, we can hold sessions by using Facetime, Facebook, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Skype or any other type of video chat. 

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