My Competition history

My competition experience started in 2014 when I started competing in bodybuilding shows in the men's physique category. I wanted to set a goal to compete and get my body into the best shape ever! After my success in my first show, becoming the overall men's physique champion for that show, I decided to continue on to a national level show and try to turn pro, which I did that same year. I have competed in both Masters class (over 35 & 40+) and open class (no age limit) at the local, national, and pro levels. My competitive history is as follows: 

  • Men's Physique Overall Champion - 2014 NPC Minnesota Gopher State Classic

  • 1st place Masters Class A (Earned IFBB Pro Card) - 2014 NPC North American Nationals in Pittsburgh

  • 3rd Place Masters & 16th Place Open - 2015 IFBB Tampa Pro

  • 10th Place Open - 2015 IFBB Dallas Pro

  • 2nd Place - 2015 IFBB Pittsburgh Masters Pro

  • 3rd Place Masters - 2016 IFBB Denver Mile High Pro

  • 5th Place Open - 2016 IFBB Denver Mile High Pro

  • 3rd Place Open - 2016 IFBB Dallas Europa

  • 7th Place Open - 2016 IFBB Chicago Pro

  • **Noted: Placed top 10 in all three 2016 shows. Earned 4 Olympia Qualification Points in 2016 IFBB Season

View more competition photos on my Gallery page. Follow my social media accounts to see me continue my journey as an IFBB Pro, Personal Trainer, Online Coach and Fitness Influencer. Thank you for visiting my website. I hope to continue to inspire my family, friends, fans and of course my amazing clients through living a fit lifestyle and through my future competitions!