Thanks for your interest in my online coaching service. Here is some information and my rates below.

For starters: I use an online coaching website and smartphone app with my clients. It allows me to create your workouts and meal plans for you depending on what your fitness goals are that you are wanting to achieve. It offers features like viewing your meal and macros plan, workout plans taking you set by set through the workouts, messaging system that you can contact me 24/7 and I'll reply back within 24hrs, you can also upload progress pics and measurements, log your food (similar to myfitnesspal app), and more so it's a great tool for us to use in coaching you.

This coaching is for someone looking to get in better shape, whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or a little of both, and want to make a lifestyle change of healthier habits. For that service, I get things started by creating your initial month's workout and diet plans. This first-month rate is $199. This features the creation of your custom workout and meal plans. It will include private one on one weekly video call check-ins as well to communicate with each other week after week in order to make the right changes to your plans to keep you on track towards your goals. You'll also be invited into my private client Facebook group where I do some informational posts, along with some interaction with my clients, training and diet tips. After the initial start-up month, continued online coaching is billed at $99 per month.

If you decide to go forward with my online services, then once you make the initial first month payment I will contact you to set up a time for a video call so we can meet and go over your answers to my questionnaire that you will fill out. It will go over information pertaining to you, your exercise history and current exercise status; and also about your current diet, things you like to eat, along with a few other questions so I can better customize your plans to you and your goals.

Let me know if my online coaching services interest you, or if you have any other questions.


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